When to Hire a Human Resources Professional

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Does My Business Need Human Resources Professional?

For any business, a human resources (HR) manager will tackle all tasks related to hiring, firing, setting up and managing benefits programs, and interfacing with current employees. He or she will also be a key point of contact for employees who would like to speak with someone about their work environment or benefits.

What Tasks Are Performed by Human Resources Professionals?

A human resources manager is able to perform the following tasks:

Why Should I Consider Hiring Someone for HR?

As you start your small business, you may not have the need for a full-time human resources manager. Some companies specialize in managing human resources tasks for small businesses and can manage payroll and benefits programs for your business.

However, as your business hires new employees, it might be best to hire someone full-time. This will help ensure your human resources is managed in line with your businesses goals. It may also be useful to employees, knowing that they can interface with someone personally about work related issues.

Do I Need an Attorney to Hire a Human Resources Manager?

You may not need to consult or hire an attorney in order to hire a human resources manager. If you are facing employment or human resources related legal issues, however, you should consult an employment law attorney.

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