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What Are Harassment Lawsuits?

The term “harassment lawsuit” usually refers to a lawsuit involving unwanted or inappropriate or work employment harassment. This can take various forms, and often involves conduct of a sexual nature. Harassment is generally classified under two types:

Of these types of harassment claims, the first often goes unreported for various reasons, such as a fear of losing one’s job, or a lack of knowledge of how to report such misconduct.  In any case, these two types of harassment can result in much hardship for the victim, such as an inability to concentrate, or a reduction in work performance.

Harassment can also refer to criminal conduct outside the workplace, such as when a person is being stalked or when a consumer constantly receives unwanted phone calls. However, harassment lawsuits typically refer to conduct inside the workplace.

What Are the Legal Remedies Involved in a Harassment Lawsuit?

The legal remedies involved in a harassment lawsuit can involve:

In some cases, multiple persons can be found liable for workplace harassment.  For instance, if more than one person engaged in inappropriate behavior, they can become jointly liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. 

What Is a Frivolous Harassment Lawsuit?

Persons filing harassment lawsuits need to be careful that they aren’t filing a frivolous harassment lawsuit. A frivolous lawsuit is one that likely won’t succeed in court because it has little or no legal basis for the claim. Similarly, a false sexual harassment claim is one that is filed with the plaintiff knowing that the other party wasn’t guilty. This can be a waste of very costly state and local resources. Some characteristics of frivolous harassment lawsuits include:

Most courts don’t look very favorably upon frivolous lawsuits. In fact, a party that knowingly files a frivolous harassment lawsuit may actually suffer legal consequences themselves, such as a contempt order or court fines.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I File a Harassment Lawsuit?

Harassment lawsuits can often be complicated to deal with, and generally require the assistance of a harassment lawyer. You may wish to hire a qualified employment attorney in your area if you feel that you have a valid claim for harassment. 

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