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What Is International Law?

International law governs relations between different nations, and business is one of the most important relations betweennations. International law consists of a blend of different treaties,organizations, and agreements among countries. International law is createdfrom a combination of:

How Does International Laws Regulate Business?

International laws regulate international business transactions.International law provides rules and remedies that nations agree to follow.Here are a few types of regulations:

Are There Other Laws that Govern International Business?

International laws are not the only laws governing international business.If a business operates in a certain country, that country¿s laws also must befollowed. For example, an American company buys a factory in England.International law as well as England¿s laws would govern the sale and operationof the company.

How Can an American Lawyer Help Me in an International Business Dispute?

When a legal dispute arises between parties from different countries, thereare can be many difficult issues. If you have an international businessdispute, there are experienced attorneys who specialize in international law.Contact such an attorney to learn more about your rights, defenses, and thecomplicated issues that may arise.

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