A limited liability company may be formed by filing papers with the appropriate state agency, which will then issue a certificate bearing your company’s right to operate and function as a limited liability company. If necessary, providing proof of filing will be sufficient until you receive your certificate from the state agency.

Why Do I Have To File Papers To Become a Limited Liability Company?

There are four reasons why filing is necessary. They are:

  • to give notice of the type of firm you are running
  • to provide a precise name for creditors
  • to allow you to understand exactly what rights and liabilities you are accepting
  • to provide a paper trail of your activities and those of your business

What Requirements Are There In Filing For a LLC?

All LLC’s must provide the following information when first filing:

  • name of the firm with the abbreviation LLC attached
  • address of the firm’s principal place of business or registered office
  • name and address of any agent accepting service of process, or papers indicating that a lawsuit has been filed
  • name of all managers of the firm
  • name of all initial members of the firm
  • purpose of the firm

Do I Need an Attorney To Help Me File For an LLC?

Filing to create a limited liability company is forming a business entity. Don’t allow yourself to become mired at only the first few steps of starting a business. Consult a business attorney to further understand what it means to form a limited liability company and to help file your papers. Doing so will save you time, energy, and potential headaches.