What Is Realty?

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What Is Realty?

Realty is another term for real estate and for real property. It consists of land and the buildings on the land. Realty can refer to commercial or residential property.

What Is Realty Law?

Realty law, or real property law, is the body of law that governs the buying, selling, and use of a home, land, or commercial property. Laws governing realty transactions protect sellers, buyers, real estate agents, builders, and land owners. Both states and the federal government have laws controlling realty and the transactions related to it. For example, state real estate laws regulate residential and commercial property transactions and landlord-tenant rental transactions. Federal realty law regulates things such as housing discrimination and environmental regulations.

What Are Some Common Realty Disputes?

Realty matters create common legal issues for each party involved in a real property transaction or dispute. These issues may involve:

What Remedies Are Available in a Realty Law Dispute?

The exact remedy available to a plaintiff in a realty dispute depends on the specifics of the case. However, some general remedies in realty cases are:

Should I Contact a Lawyer about Realty Laws?

Yes, realty issues can quickly elevate to real estate lawsuits. Contact a real estate lawyer to understand more about your rights and how to proceed with your dispute.

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