Home Remodeling Disputes

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Home Remodeling Disputes

Home remodeling, also known as property renovation, involves making changes or improvements to property. Making home improvements can refer to making improvements to commercial and business properties, in addition to making improvements to residential properties. Home improvements range from making repairs to broken fixtures to adding an addition to a building. Disputes may arise at any point during the home improvement process.

What Are Home Remodeling Disputes?

Home remodeling disputes are legal disputes that arise between contractors and property owners or property owners and mortgage companies.

What Are Construction Defects?

Construction defects are problems with the condition of the building that reduces its value. Often, defects result when the work of the contractor or subcontractor is not up to industry standard. Types of construction defects include:

What Are Some Common Home Renovation Disputes?

Home renovation is a type of home improvement. Instead of repairing or remodeling one part of the property, the entire property receives a “makeover”. Common home renovation disputes include:

Can a Home Improvement Dispute Involve a Home Loan?

Yes. A home improvement loan is money that a property owner borrows from a mortgage lender for the purpose of remodeling, repairing, or adding to property. Generally home improvement loan disputes involve:

Should I Contact an Attorney about Home Improvement Disputes?

Disputes over home improvement loans can arise at any time. Contact a real estate attorney to assist with any home improvement issues.

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