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What is a Wharf?

Wharves, sometimes called docks or marinas, can be one of many structures including:

However, boardwalks and structures used to provide access to houseboats are not wharves.

What Duties Does the Owner or Operator of a Wharf Have?

The owner or operator of a wharf has a duty to:

What are Some Examples of Dangers at Wharves that May Lead to Liability?

Some examples include:

What Limits are there on the Wharf Owner's Liability?

The wharf owner is not liable for injuries that occur on boats in the wharf.  He is also not liable for defective conditions he did not cause and has no notice of.  Your recovery may also be limited if you did an act of contributory negligence or assumed a risk.

What About the Duty of Vessels Using the Wharf?

Vessels must use reasonable care not to damage the wharf.  The vessel operator must know the vessel's limits and navigate accordingly.  If the vessel operator is negligent, he can be liable for the cost to repair the wharf and any lost rents.

Should I Contact a Lawyer If I Have a Problem With a Wharf?

If you have been injured while at a wharf, contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your possible personal injury claim.  If your vessel or wharf has been damaged, a lawyer can help you recover your repair costs.

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