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Who Regulates Ferry Services?

Ferry services must abide by numerous federal and state laws. Typically, injuries sustained on ferries will be covered by state personal injury laws. 

What Types of Injuries Commonly Happen on a Ferry?

Any number of injuries can occur on a ferry. Unintentional ferry accidents can include:

Will the Ferry Service Be Liable for the Injuries Sustained on the Ferry?

In most states, ferry boats owe a significant duty to their passengers, and thus must exercise a great deal of care. Thus, if a passenger is wounded, a ferry owner or operator may be held responsible for the injuries that could have been avoided with greater caution or increased attention. 

Will a Ferry Service Try to Limit Its Liability?

If a passenger is injured on a ferry service, the ferry owner or operator may attmept to limit its liability by claiming: 

Do I Need A Lawyer?

If you have been injured as a passenger on a ferry, the owner or operator may be responsible for your medical fees and other costs. A personal injury lawyer can help you to assess your situation and to better understand your rights in the legal process.

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