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The mere ownership or operation of a golf course does not automatically make its owner liable for any injury suffered while on the course. There are, however, certain situations under which a golf course owner may be liable for injuries occurring on the premises. 

What Is The Duty By A Golf Course's Owner To Those Who Play On The Course?

The golf course owner's duty is to create rules for the protection of those who rightfully use the course and make sure those rules are enforced. The owner also has a duty to maintain the course using ordinary care and to remedy any potential causes of injury. A golf course's owner will only be liable if he fails to exercise ordinary care (i.e. is negligent) in how he operates the course.

What Are Some Injuries The Owner Of A Golf Course May Be Liable For?

Injuries on a golf course for which the course owner may be liable typically arise in three different situations:

If I Am Injured On A Golf Course, Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate the seriousness of your injury, the degree of negligence of the golf course, and the likelihood that you will be able to recover for you claim. If you are injured while playing golf on a course, while driving a golf cart rented from the course on its grounds, or hit by a golf ball close to a golf course, you should contact an attorney for advice on your claim.

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