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What Are Conditional Use Permits?

A conditional use permit allows a city or county to consider special uses for land that may be needed or desired by a particular community. These permits are usually granted through a public hearing.

What Are the Different Types of Conditional Use Permits?

There are a few different types of conditional use permits you should be aware of:

What Is a Second Dwelling Unit Permit?

A city or country might give you a permit to allow you to create a second unit on your lot under certain conditions:

What Is a Granny Unit Permit?

Granny units have very similar requirements to those of second dwelling units with one additional and very significant requirement: The property owner must intend for the second dwelling to be occupied by an adult aged 62 or older. Additional Rules governing attached and detached dwelling units apply as well and must be met before your application for a granny unit permit will be approved.

What Is a Mobile Home Park Unit Permit?

A mobile home park unit permit will only be granted on land currently zoned for residential land use. If the denial of a mobile home park unit permit results in a mobile home park closing, the government will likely step in to alleviate the harmful effects of the closure by proving alternate housing or funds to find alternative housing.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Obtain a Permit?

Each region has its own zoning and land use regulations. Also, public hearings often require a very detailed description of your situation along with an argument that embraces both your unique facts and the local law.

An experienced real estate lawyer can also help you make a decision concerning any land use or zoning options available to you by providing you with any necessary information you may need in order to make your decision.

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