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What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a portable dwelling without a permanent foundation that can be hooked up to utilities and is suitable for year round living.  Travel trailers do not count as mobile homes because they are not intended for year round living. 

Are Mobile Homes Regulated?

Many states and cities place restrictions on mobile homes.  For example, a city may have zoning ordinances that restrict mobile homes to specified areas, such as mobile home parks.  The government may also regulate the number of mobile homes in an area and set special standards of fire prevention and sanitation. 

What is a Mobile Home Park?

Mobile home owners commonly place their homes in mobile home parks.  A mobile home park allows mobile home owners to park their home on a lot and connect to utilities.  Typically, the park owner and the mobile home owner enter into a landlord-tenant agreement through a lease.  The lease could be for a set duration or on a month-to-month basis.

What Duties Does a Mobile Home Park Landlord Have?

A mobile park landlord has many of the same duties as a landlord of any other real estate.  For example:

What Rights Does a Mobile Home Park Landlord Have?

A landlord has many of the same rights as a landlord of any other real estate.  For example:

Should I Contact a Lawyer About my Mobile Home Issue?

Mobile home regulations vary from place to place.  A lawyer can help you determine what laws apply in your situation.  If you have a dispute with your mobile home park landlord or face eviction, a lawyer can advise you of your rights.

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