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How Does the Government Learn of a Zoning Violation?

There are two ways that the local government agency in charge of zoning might learn about a violation of its zoning laws: 

What Are the Consequences of Violating Zoning Laws?

Violating zoning laws can have many serious consequences, both in the immediate future and further down the road: 

What Can I Do if I've Been Found to Violate Zoning Laws?

If the local zoning agency determines that your property violates its zoning laws, you can usually appeal that determination, either to the agency or in court.  Oftentimes, an appeal to the zoning agency is required before the property owner can challenge the determination in court. 

Another option is to seek a permit for conditional use or a variance, which would make the violating use permissible.  Zoning agencies may allow a property owner to do this as part of appealing the finding that he violated the law. 

As a result of the appeal, the zoning agency may stay legal proceedings against the property owner until a final judgment is entered, either by the agency or a court of law. 

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

If you have been charged with violating local zoning laws, it is very important that you consult a real estate attorney who can help you minimize the consequences of a negative judgment. 

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