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Most local governments have the authority to regulate signs in their communities, and do so through zoning ordinances.  These ordinances generally regulate the use, location, and aesthetics of signs.

How Are Signs Classified?

Ordinances usually classify signs into the following categories: 

What Factors Do Zoning Authorities Consider When Approving a Sign?

Generally, before a business or group can install a sign, a government agency will need to approve the sign's design.  Some factors include: 

Are There Maintenance Requirements?

Most communities with sign ordinances will mandate safety and aesthetic regulations.  An attorney familiar with zoning regulations in your area can advise you of the required standards.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Comply with Sign Regulations?

If you have a business with a sign, or wish to construct or paint a sign for your business, an experienced real property attorney can explain the ordinances for your community.  A real property lawyer can also help you if you have been cited for a sign believed to violate your local ordinances.

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