Though the list is seemingly endless, the following are ten of the most common legal yet easily mistaken as illegal reasons an individual may be terminated from their employment:

Ten common reasons you can be fired from your Job

1) Poor Attendance:

If an employee is consistently late or absent without a valid excuse, the employer may quickly tire of their behavior. Non-compliance with company policy regarding taking time-off can also result in termination.

2) Underperformance:

An employee who fails to meet the job requirements or fails to improve after a poor performance review may be terminated.

3) Workplace Misconduct:

Misconduct is a serious, yet broad description of a variety of behaviors. Things such as violence, foul language, inappropriate relationships, and destruction of company property all fall in this category. Additionally, the company may take legal action against the employee in serious cases.

4) Non-Compliance with Company Policy:

If an employee does not follow company policy, like being insubordinate towards upper management, then this could be grounds for termination. They may also be terminated for wasting colleagues’ time or lowering the company’s morale.

5) Social Media While Working:

Some companies may allow limited social media interaction, while others may terminate employees if found to be abusing social media in the workplace. Also not allowed: complaining about their careers or sharing company information online.

6) Falsifying a Job Application or Resume:

Lying on a resume or job application is a big no-no. If an employee is caught doing so, the employer may dismiss the individual. If any felony convictions were left off, any education was lied about, or any previous employers were omitted, these are all grounds for termination.

7) Drugs and Alcohol:

Intoxication and employment do not mix well. If an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is in possession while on company property, they may be terminated. Some companies offer employee assistance programs that help treat substance abuse, and are used as an alternative to termination.

8) Time and Property Theft:

Saying you worked more hours than you actually did, could get you fired. The theft of company property can also land you in hot water, and possible litigation.

9) Personal Business on Company Time:

Regardless of what is going on at home, if you bring it to work and waste the company’s time tending to personal business, you may be asked to leave. Some companies also monitor internet usage, and are on the lookout for personal phone calls.

10) Disclosing Company Secrets:

There is a reason many companies have non-disclosure agreements, and if an employee breaches this contract, they will be terminated.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination?

While the above list are examples of legal terminations, it is possible to be fired for the wrong reason. If you have been terminated from your job and think that your termination was wrongful or discrimination, then you need to speak with an wrongful termination attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help gather facts, advise you on your best course of action, and represent your best interests in dealing with your former employer.