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Do I Need an Employee Handbook?

Employment liabilities often stem from a lack of communication and understanding between employers and employees.  An employment handbook or manual should function to clearly state the company's policies and procedures. 

What Information Should the Employee Handbook Contain?

By creating an employee handbook, you put in writing the standards by which both the employer and employees will be evaluated. Some elements to consider when compiling such a manual include:

Who Should Get the Employee Handbook?

 It is generally recommended that all full-time employees receive and acknowledge acceptance of a company¿s handbook.

How Can I Make Changes to an Existing Handbook?

Legal counsel may be particularly helpful when making modifications to the employee handbook, since certain alterations could conflict with non-updated material. Alerting employees to an amendment is equally important to making the actual change in the handbook  if workers are unaware, the new rule may have a weak impact. 

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

An experienced employment lawyer will be able to aid you in writing, distributing, and modifying a comprehensive employee handbook.

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