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Can I Be Fired for Blogging or Social Media Activities?

Social media can get you in trouble with your employer. Although we have freedom of press, our employment contracts may limit this freedom depending on what and when we post on social media. If you write content on your personal blog or social media sites, beware that your employers can generally fire you for what you write about.

But Why Won’t My First Amendment Rights Protect Me?

The First Amendment does not actually protect you from posting what you want on the Internet. It has limited protections which primarily guard against the government censoring our free speech rights. When it comes to private employers, they may set their own rules about social media and blogging activities.

For example, private employers can prevent you from posting anything on Facebook and Twitter during work hours.

What Other Legal Rights Do I Have?

There are certain topics that you can blog about without the fear of getting fired. Your employer cannot fire you in retaliation for any valid concerns that you bring forth. The general factors to having a reason to blog freely include:

What Jeopardizes My Employment?

Although you may technically blog about everything else that does not pertain to your employment, people have been fired for their online activity. Below are some actions to avoid:

Contacting an Employment Law Attorney

If you have been fired for blogging, then you should consult an employment lawyer. He can determine whether your actions are protectable or not. Also, how much damages you could recover from being terminated.

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