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California WARN Act Basics

California enacted its own Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Similar to its federal counterpart, California WARN requires employers to provide an advance 60-day notice in case of a mass layoff. The notice should be given to all the involved employees as well as state and local representatives.

What Triggers California WARN Application?

Employers are required to provide the 60-day notice in advance of the following events:

Comparing Federal and State Laws: What are Some Benefits of California WARN Act?

Should I Seek Attorney's Help for Violations of California WARN Act?

If you and other employees were not provided with 60-day notice in advance of a layoff and/or were not compensated during those 60 days, seek help of a California attorney specializing in employment law or class actions. Since California employers should follow federal and the state WARNs, an attorney may find violations of both statues as well as other applicable laws. So, for employers relying on WARN exceptions, it may be necessary to seek attorney determination as to availability of exceptions under both federal and state statutes.

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