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 What are Child Playpen Injuries?

Child playpens are frequently used in the supervision and raising of kids. They are frequently used for the child to play in or sleep in. Playpens may also be known by other names, such as play yards or portable cribs.

Like other children’s products, child playpens can be associated with distinct injuries, accidents, and safety risks. These can include:

  • Injuries resulting from side rails collapsing, which can lead to a child being entrapped or suffocated
  • Injuries involving soft bedding or other similar materials, which can also cause suffocation
  • Protruding pins, nails, or other parts, which can snag clothing and strangle a child
  • Injuries resulting from falls or a failure of the product structure
  • Injuries resulting from blunt edges or sharp parts
  • Large mesh, plastic items, pockets, or other elements that can trap or suffocate infants or kids
  • Injuries resulting from broken or destroyed parts
  • Various other safety risks and injuries

These injuries can be similar to injuries resulting from cribs and other products. In some circumstances, the injuries can be severe, affecting the child’s growth and development. In some instances, the mishaps can be fatal.

Common Defects in Infant Cribs and Playpens

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, cribs and playpens are one of the leading causes of infant injury and wrongful death. Infants and young kids are especially weak and may not have the power or coordination to release themselves from a hazardous or entrapped environment.

This is why developers and manufacturers of baby and child products are instructed to meet higher standards of product safety. When a developer or manufacturer makes a product such as a crib or a playpen that does not account for the child’s basic protection, they may be deemed accountable for any resulting injuries and subsequent damages.

Some of the most common defects with cribs and playpens include:

  • Drop-sides: Drop-side cribs are considered hazardous enough to be primarily banned, yet many parents may continue to use these products, ignorant of the recall. Drop-side cribs may allow infants to wedge themselves into the side between the slats and their mattress, potentially entangling and choking them.
  • Improperly spaced slats: Slats that are spaced too widely may furnish enough room for an infant or small child to get stuck, potentially resulting in suffocation or other injuries. Two-finger widths are deemed the maximum safe spacing between crib slats.
  • Corner posts or sharp edges: These components present several risk factors to their occupants. Corner posts and sharp edges not only make an opportunity for painful lacerations but may also let blankets, clothing, and toys become entangled, potentially hurting or suffocating the child.
  • Improper mattress: Infant mattresses are made precisely to fit inside proper cribs so that there is no space for the child to roll between the mattress and the side of the crib. If an infant or young kid becomes entrapped between the mattress and another surface, such as the side of the crib, they may suffocate or sustain other injuries.
  • Toxic materials: Paint and wood finishes used in youngsters’ cribs and playpens may contain toxic substances that result in temporary or even long-term injuries for an infant or young child. Likewise, infant mattresses may emit gasses causing poisoning and other complications.
  • Unstable structure: Any crib or playpen that may fall over or tumble on a child is extremely risky. Not only can these cause a variety of serious injuries, but they may further lead to the child being trapped or suffocated.

Do not continue using it if you suspect your child’s crib or playpen is dangerous.

If you have cause to believe that your child’s crib, playpen, or another toy may cause some detriment to your child, the first step is to stop using it. Then it’s a fine idea to do a short web search glancing for any recall information that may have been administered or reports from other parents whose child has been harmed or nearly injured by the product.

Suppose the product has already injured your child. In that case, it’s essential to seek emergency medical attention both for your child’s safety and to ensure an official document exists noting what happened. Taking pictures of the product and storing it somewhere safe from the child until experts can investigate it is another crucial step to making your case if you think a crib or playpen is dangerous.

To learn more about typical defects in cribs, playpens, and other children’s products, or for help filing a claim on behalf of your injured infant, reach out to a product liability lawyer.

Playpen Recalls

Like some baby cribs deemed defective, malfunctioning playpens have been recalled several times. One of the more famous playpen recalls was published in 2001 when reports conveyed that the Zip n Go, Okie Dokie, and Carters playpens sold at Costco throughout the U.S. recalled their flimsy frames malfunctioning locks on the rails were causing them to collapse on kids. This recall affected more than 102,000 playpens manufactured between May 1995 and December 1997.

Compensation for Playpen Injuries Via Product Liability Lawsuits

Despite the CPSC’s industriousness in recognizing and recalling defective playpens, some of these defective devices go unseen for too long. Hundreds of children are needlessly put at risk of sustaining severe, potentially fatal injuries.

Suppose you suspect that your child has been injured or killed due to playpen defects. In that case, you are urged to learn more about your legal rights, receive a comprehensive evaluation of your case, and get expert advice regarding the best way to proceed by consulting one of our professional product liability lawyers at absolutely no cost to you.

Our playpen injury attorneys at LegalMatch are reliable experts who will aggressively litigate your rights in any required legal proceeding. Experienced at going up against corporate lawyers and insurance company agents, our playpen injury lawyers will labor tirelessly to build our clients the most substantial possible cases, ensuring that you have the strongest chances of securing payment for your child’s medical bills, treatment expenses, permanent disabilities, reduced quality of life, pain, and suffering.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Child Playpen Injury?

Child playpen injuries can involve many aspects. Different parties might be held liable for child playpen injuries depending on the situation. In many examples, the manufacturer of a child playpen might be held responsible if they produce a defective playpen. An illustration of this is where a playpen’s design causes the product to collapse. The manufacturer might be held responsible for injuries caused by the defect.

In other circumstances, a place of business such as a daycare center might be held responsible if they deliberately use a product that has already been subject to a playpen recall. Here, they might be held liable under a negligence theory of law.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Child Playpen Recall Lawsuit?

Child product lawsuits can be complex and can involve many different laws. It may be in your best interests to hire a class action lawyer in your area if you need help with a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with advice and legal representation for your case. Find the best lawyer for your needs today on LegalMatch.


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