Slap bracelets are a type of clothing accessory that are made of a thin strip of metal, similar to the dimensions of metal tape measure. The strip of metal is usually covered in some sort of fabric. When struck (slapped) against the wrist, the normally straight metal bends and wraps around the wrist, forming a bracelet.

However, some slap bracelets have been recalled because they are associated with laceration risks. In some cases, the sharp edge of the metal can become exposed, causing the bracelet to cut into the wearer’s wrist, hand, fingers, arm, or other body part. When worn on the wrist, this can cause a risk of profuse bleeding due to the blood vessels located in the wrist area.

Many schools have also confiscated slap bracelets due to the injury risks they pose. Injuries can be serious and may result in hospitalization and other medical issues.

Who can be Held Liable for Slap Bracelet Injuries?

Slap bracelet recalls can often result if several persons are injured by a slap bracelet product. In many cases, legal claims can also result, in which one or more parties are held liable for the injuries caused by the bracelet. In many cases, it is the manufacturer of the bracelet that can be held liable for a slap bracelet injury. Liability in such cases is usually based on a product liability theory. Here, a defect with the product can cause injury. An example of such defect is where the fabric is easily removed from the bracelet, exposing the metal edge and causing a greater risk of harm.

In some cases, slap bracelets are included in a package with other children’s items, such as a book or as a set with other clothing. Distributors of these types of packages may be held liable for negligence if they knowingly include slap bracelets that have been subject to recall in their product packages.

Are there any Legal Remedies for Slap Bracelet Injury Claims?

As mentioned, slap bracelet injuries can lead to legal claims. Such lawsuits typically result in a monetary damages award for the injured party. The damages can cover losses such as hospital bills, costs of surgery or therapy, medication costs, long-term disfigurement, and other costs.

In addition to product recalls, slap bracelet injuries can also result in class action lawsuits, which can often involve different calculation methods for damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Slap Bracelet Lawsuit?

Injuries from slap bracelets can be serious and may require legal action. These types of lawsuits can involve complex laws, and may require legal representation. It may be in your best interests to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need help with a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and guidance for your case.