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Product Description - The AcroMed Bone Screw was an orthopedic bone screw used in spinal surgery to reduce pain. 

Product Defect - Many of the AcroMed Bone Screws broke when implanted into a patient's spine causing harm and injury to thousands of people.

Product Status - A class action lawsuit was settled in 1997 in the amount of $100 million to be paid out to people who had been injured by the AcroMed Bone Screws.  A recent court ruling stated that despite missing the court deadline, those who have been injured by the AcroMed Bone Screws are eligible to participate in the settlement. 

If you or a loved one has been injured from using AcroMed Bone Screws you should see your doctor immediately. If you have suffered injuries as a result, you should contact an attorney who can help you recover damages for your injury.


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