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Social Security offers monthly benefits for qualified people through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.  If you receive SSI, you may also be eligible for other benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid. 

Who Qualifies for Supplemental Security Income?
There are three groups of people who are eligible for SSI.  Those who qualify must be: 

How Do I Apply for Supplemental Security Income?
You may apply for SSI over the phone or by visiting a Social Security office.  When you apply you will need to provide various information and documents including:  Your Social Security number, proof of age, doctor and hospital contact information, a copy of your lease, mortgage or other housing information.

What Does the Social Security Administration Consider when Reviewing My Application?
Because SSI is designed to supplement your income, whether you are approved for SSI will depend on how much income you have and what you own: 

Do I Need a Lawyer?
An attorney experienced with Social Security benefits and regulations can help you submit your SSI claim.  If you are having a problem obtaining your supplemental income, a lawyer can help prepare and file an appeal.  An attorney can also determine if a family member is eligible for benefits because of your disability.

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