Social security is a program maintained by the U.S. government for providing financial support to retired persons and disabled persons.  The social security system works by allowing employees to submit a percentage of their income to the government through social security tax mechanisms.

Once the person retires, the government will then send them monthly payments, depending on how much they submitted through social security taxes over time.

How does Social Security affect Retirement?

Social security is a major factor for most people’s retirement plans.  They can provide the retired person (“retiree”) with financial support in addition to private retirement benefits issued by their former employer.

A person is eligible for social security once they reach the age of 62 years old.  The amount that the person receives through social security involves several factors, although it mostly depends on the amount of social security taxes they paid over time.

Also, social security payments become larger the later that you file for retirement.  You can file for social security retirement payments up until the age of 70 years old.

What Legal Issues are Associated with Social Security and Retirement?

There can sometimes be different legal issues associated with social security and retirement.  These can include:

  • Discrepancies between work information and tax records (i.e., differences in income reported, etc.)
  • Confusion over the retired person’s identity (especially if family members have the same name, like Bob Smith and Bob Smith, Jr.)
  • An employer wrongfully withholding retirement information or benefits

In some cases the retiree will have to submit additional documentation to the government in order to support their social security retirement status.  Or, if a dispute with an employer is involved, the person may need to file a private lawsuit in order to obtain a legal remedy.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Issues with Social Security and Retirement?

Oftentimes a person will plan their retirement based around social security retirement income.  If you need assistance with social security or retirement, you may need to consult with a governmnet lawyer for advice.  A qualified attorney can help ensure that you are receiving the benefits you are eligible for, and can represent you during legal proceedings if needed.