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Stroller Recall Lawyers

A stroller recall is a request from a manufacturer to have its product pulled from stores and returned. It is also a request to have consumers of the product return it for a refund or product exchange. For example, in late 2014, Graco recalled 5 million strollers after a baby’s fingerprint was amputated while in the stroller.

Why Are Strollers Recalled?

Recalls for strollers are made because the manufacturer believes the product poses a safety or health risk to those who buy or use the product. By recalling the harmful product as soon as they are aware of the danger associated with the product, the manufacturer also avoids violating product safety laws and potential defective product injury lawsuits.

What Are Defective Product Injuries?

A defective product injury is harm to a user of the product caused by the product being defective in:

Is a Product Recall the Same as a Defective Product?

Although product recalls and defective products are related to one another, they are not the same thing. A product recall prohibits the sale of a product because it has some sort of safety hazard. A defective product is a product that does not function as intended by the manufacturer. A defective product may not always be recalled by the manufacturer. Sometimes, the manufacturer may provide customers with a quick fix to make the product work properly and not a refund.

How Do I Know If I Have a Products Liability Lawsuit for My Injury?

A product liability lawsuit is based on three categories, regardless of whether the product was recalled or not:

If your injury was the result of the product being defective because of the product’s design, the actual manufacturing process, or the lack of an adequate warning, then you have a grounds to bring a products liability claim.

Should I Contact a Personal Injury Attorney About a Stroller Recall Lawsuit?

Yes. If you or your child was injured by a recalled stroller, contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney will explain your legal rights and how to proceed with the lawsuit.

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