Genetically modified food products are foods that involve the use of genetically modified organisms, or “GMO’s”. These are based on several new bio-technological techniques and advancements that have been developed in recent decades. Current laws on GMO’s and genetically modified food products are ambiguous regarding whether or not food producers need to disclose genetic modification of a food product.

Many people have concerns about the safety and health associated with GMO-based products. Some consumers fear that such foods are not safe, and may contribute to health issues based on food allergies, mutated DNA, exposure to radiation, toxicity, and other factors.

Examples of GMO Technologies and Techniques

Genetically modified food products can involve a wide range of different bio-tech methods and techniques.  Some examples of GMO techniques include:

  • Altering of DNA structures
  • Cloning of plants or animals
  • Various fertilization or fermentation techniques
  • Application of plant culturing methods
  • Use of plant enzymes
  • Combining breeds to create hybrid food products

Some techniques are less “intrusive” than the plant or animal than other techniques. However, some techniques can be highly technical. Because some of these techniques have not been analyzed in the long run, they can often come under close scrutiny by health officials and consumers.

Can I File a Claim Involving a Genetically Modified Food Product?

Laws and case history regarding GMO’s is still new and somewhat limited. However, you may have a claim if you have been affected by a product in a manner that involves:

Such claims would require measurable proof that you have been injured or affected by a product. Also, due to the novelty of such food products, many issues might not arise until after some time has passed.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

GMO’s and other genetically-altered food products can sometimes involve various health risks. Many times, the public is not fully aware of the exact details associated with a particular type of food. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you believe that you’ve been affected by a modified food product. Your attorney can provide you with some legal advice and guidance and can help guide you towards the appropriate legal remedy. Also, if you need more information on food product laws, your lawyer can conduct research to keep you up to date.