Dangerous products are products that present a significant risk of injury to consumers and users of the product.  Every year, countless persons are injured due to the use of dangerous products.  Products liability lawsuits make up a large percentage of personal injury litigation, and much time and resources are spent remedying such legal issues. 

Examples of dangerous products may include:

  • Products containing poisonous or toxic substances
  • Products that have sharp blades or edges (especially edges that are concealed or hard to see)
  • Defective products that have reached the general public, such as Segways and defective high chairs
  • Products involving high electricity voltages, high levels of heat, or high traveling speeds
  • Expired or tainted foods, or food containing harmful substances such as energy drinks containing DMAA
  • Illegal or restricted items (such as drugs or illegal firearms)

Various other dangerous products might exist, and some legal claims can involve multiple injuries or multiple parties.

What Makes a Product Dangerous?

Some products are inherently dangerous by nature; the function of some products involves a risk of danger or injury.  For instance, guns, firearms, and other weapons are dangerous by nature.  These types of products are usually age-restricted and may require a license to obtain.

Products that are normally safe can become dangerous due to alteration or modifications, especially if such changes do not fit within health and safety guidelines.  For instance, modifying a vehicle can make it dangerous to drive, or modifying an electrical device can increase the risk of shock.

Product defects are also one of the main causes that make a product dangerous.  Defects are usually classified as design defects, manufacturing defects, or warning label defects.  There are various product recall websites where one can obtain information regarding defective products that should not be used.

What if I’ve Been Injured by a Dangerous Product?

Injuries caused by a dangerous product are generally remedied through a legal damages award.  This is obtained by filing a claim or lawsuit with the court.  The damages available in a defective products lawsuit will usually cover the costs like medical expenses, hospital bills, and other damages.  The plaintiff might also be reimbursed for the cost that they spent in buying the product, and authorities will likely pull any remaining products from the consumer market.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Dangerous Products Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit due to dangerous product injuries can often be very challenging.  You may need the assistance of a qualified products and services lawyer, who can help you with the laws in your area.  Your attorney can advise you on your various legal options, and can assist you throughout the legal process in court.  Also, your lawyer can keep you informed if there are any recent changes to the products laws in your area.