A defective products lawyer handles claims involving losses or injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product. For example, a defective products lawyer may handle issues with warranties, products liability, unsafe products, and returns.

Defective products lawyers, or “products and services lawyers,” may also handle lawsuits involving services, such as restaurant food poisoning or unsatisfactory automobile repairs. Many defective products lawsuits affect large groups of people and are filed as class action lawsuits.

Do I Need a Defective Products Lawyer?

Product manufacturers, resellers, wholesalers, and retailers have a legal duty to compensate any users of their products who were injured when using the product. Under products liability law, these companies must pay any injured plaintiffs for any property or bodily injury caused as a result. An experienced products injury attorney would be able to help you recover all the compensation for medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and any other related expenses. Dealing with manufacturer’s and other companies is difficult and they most likely have a staff of attorneys ready to defend any claim.

Where Do I Start If I Don`t Know How to Find a Lawyer?

The Internet is a valuable resource for finding an attorney for your case. There are many online services that can help, including lawyer referral services and bar associations.

In some instances you can learn how to find a lawyer from a friend or acquaintance. For example, they may have worked with a lawyer in the past and are willing to refer you to them. However, this would limit you to only a few choices for attorneys, and not everyone has had experience working with one in the past.

How to Find a Defective Products Lawyer on the Internet?

If you need to learn how to find an attorney online, LegalMatch.com is an excellent place to begin to hire a consumer lawyer.

LegalMatch.com works by presenting your case information to qualified lawyers in your specific region. Based on the information you submit in our online case posting system, you’ll be matched with a lawyer who practices in the specific area of defective products law that you need.