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What Is a Food Labeling Lawsuit?

Food labeling lawsuits are a type of product liability claim. They typically involve warning defects, which have to do with a failure to warn public consumers of risks or dangers associated with the product. They can also involve general misinformation about the food product. In some claims, intentional fraud can also be a factor. Other legal issues can be involved in food labeling claims, such as copyright or trademark violations.

Food labeling violations are dangerous because food products have the potential to reach large sectors of the population. If a food product is dangerous or is improperly labeled, many people can suffer injuries such as food poisoning or food toxicity. This can result in a class action suit.

Examples of Food Labeling Violations

Requirements for food labeling will depend on many factors, such the nature of the food product as well as state laws. Some examples of food labeling violations include:

Can I File a Claim for a Food Labeling Violation?

If you feel that you have suffered an injury of financial loss due to a food labeling violation, it may be possible to sue a food company. If you need to take action, you should take the following steps:

Food labeling violations can lead to a monetary damages award paid from the defendant to the victim. In most cases, the defendant is the food manufacturer or distributor. However, in some instances, other parties may be liable, such as advertising agencies or retail grocers.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Food product lawsuits can often involve some complex laws and legal analyses. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need legal advice, guidance, or representation on such matters. Your attorney can provide you with assistance for your claim, and can help guide you toward the appropriate remedy, such as a monetary damages award.

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