A slip, trip and fall dispute is a type of premises liability claim. It usually involves injuries caused by unsafe or dangerous floor conditions in a business or retail store. Slip and fall injuries usually result from slippery floors caused by spilled liquids or grains. Trip and fall claims usually involve a failure to remove an object from the floor that causes the fall.There are also similar incidents known as “step and fall” and “stump and fall” accidents.

In slip, trip and fall lawsuits, injuries can include back, neck, spinal, or head injuries.  Hip injuries are also common, as a person can easily land on their hip after a slip or a fall.

What Types of Legal Theories Are Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuits Based On?

Slip, trip and fall lawsuits are usually based on a negligence theory of law. In order to prove negligence, it must be shown that the defendant breached their duty of care to the victim, and that the breach was the actual cause of the victim’s injury.

For instance, with a slip and fall claim, it might be a breach of duty if the shopkeeper failed to mop the floor after a spill in an aisle. If the plaintiff slipped and was injured as a result of the failure to mop the floor, it might form a basis for a negligence claim.

Or, in a trip and fall claim, a similar breach of duty might be found if a shopkeeper failed to pick up a broom that was left protruding into the aisle. Here, such a breach could form the basis of negligence if the plaintiff tripped on the broom and suffered injuries.

In many states, it must also be shown that the plaintiff did not contribute to their own injuries due to their own carelessness or negligence.

What Are Some Common Slip, Trip, and Fall Remedies?

A common remedy for a slip, trip and fall case would be a legal damages award. This would be paid by the defendant to the plaintiff, in order reimburse them for losses sustained in connection with their injuries. This usually includes medical expenses, hospital bills, and other losses. In some cases, special damages may be issued for other losses, such as a lost wages.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuit?

Slip, trip and fall lawsuits generally require the assistance of a professional when filing in court. You may wish to hire a qualified slip and fall lawyer in your area if you need help filing an injury lawsuit. Your attorney will be able to assist you in developing your case, and can provide you with legal representation during the court hearings.