Generally, owners, occupants, and property managers who are responsible for the maintenance of the property would be liable in slip and fall accidents.

How Will Weather Hazards Such as Ice or Snow Affect a “Slip and Fall” Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Generally when a personal injury lawsuit involves snow or ice, the injured person must show that the responsible party did not take reasonable steps to make the property safe. Furthermore, the injured person must show they exercised reasonable care for his own safety at the time of injury and did not assume the known risks of being on the property.

Do Courts Look at Other Facts Apart from the Actions of the Parties Involved?

Courts will also look at a number of significant factors to determine whether the responsible person is liable for the slip and fall injuries. These include:

  • Whether the snow or ice was a natural or artificial accumulation
  • Whether the defendant knew that there was a dangerous amount of snow or ice likely to cause injury
  • Where the injury occurred
  • Where the snow or ice accumulated
  • Whether the injured party was aware of such a hazard

Should I Seek a Personal Injury Attorney for My “Slip and Fall” Case?

An experienced slip and fall attorney will be familiar with what facts are critical to your case and will be knowledgeable as to the proper courses of action.  If you were injured from slipping and falling on snow or ice on someone else’s property, you should speak with an attorney who will protect your interests.