A personal injury refers to an injury to an individual caused by someone else. Sometimes, when a person falls, trips, or slips and suffers an injury, they can sue another person and hold that person liable for their personal injury.

For instance, an accident where a person slips and is injured due to a slippery floor or object, it is known as a “slip and fall” incident. These often occur due to conditions such as a wet floor, grease, oil, or slippery items on the floor. There are several different variations of slip and fall cases. 

Slip and fall cases can result in some serious injuries, including head injuries, neck injuries, spine or back injuries, and others. The injuries can sometimes be debilitating and may prevent a person from performing normal everyday functions.

What is a “Step and Fall” Accident and other Similar Accidents?

A “step and fall” accident occurs when an individual unexpectedly steps on an object. For instance, he could fall after stepping in a hole in a walking surface, torn carpeting, or an object that should not be there.

These often result in injuries such as lesions, puncture wounds, cuts, or other wounds. They can also result in twisted ankles or knee injuries, due to the impact of stepping on the item awkwardly. 

Similarly, a “stump and fall” accident occurs when there is a crack in a walking surface or some sort of object. The individual does not see the impediment and stumbles prior to falling.

Can I Sue for My Injuries If I Tripped and Fell?

Depending on the factors surrounding your accident, a lawsuit may result. A trip and fall accident happens when a foreign object such as a bucket is in the walking area.

Often, the object is placed in an area that is normally kept clear. If the person responsible for keeping the area clear fails to do so, they can sometimes be held liable under a premises liability theory.

Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that allows a plaintiff to sue a defendant for an injury that occurred on the defendant’s property, such as a slip and fall or a trip and fall.

This area of law holds a defendant responsible for making sure that their land is a safe place for people to be, and it makes them liable for injuries that occur on their property. This is especially common if the slip and fall occurred in a place of business, such as a grocery store or a department store.

Remedies for premises liability claims can often include compensatory damages awards, which will pay for losses like medical expenses and lost wages. Remedies may depend on the type of case involved as well as state injury laws.

Do I Need to Speak with a Lawyer about My Fall?

If you were injured in a slip, trip, stump, or step and fall, you may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer. An injury lawyer in your area can determine the best legal action to take and can file a lawsuit on your behalf