Car accidents in which there is a rollover can cause the roof of the car to be crushed, which, in turn, can cause serious injury or death to the occupants of the vehicle. Roof crush can also make it more likely that car occupants will be fully or partially ejected from the vehicle as the accident occurs. Often, in the case of roof crush, the manufacturer of the vehicle is at fault.

Why Do Roof Crushes Occur?

Manufacturers of automobiles have a duty to protect purchasers/drivers of those vehicles. If drivers are injured during an accident due to a flaw in the manufacture of a car, the manufacturer may be held liable by a court of law. In the cases of roof crush, the problem is that the roof has not been built with sufficient strength to handle the impact of the vehicle rolling over.

This type of defect has been seen more with the advent of SUVs, which tend to roll more frequently than sedan-type cars, because of their height from the ground. SUVs often have “roll bars” designed to prevent this type of roof collapse.

Safe roofs are equipped with many features, including strong roof pillars and full-length closed sections. Well-designed roofs should not be crushed inward during an accident. Roof crush usually results from vehicle defects.

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How Can a Roof Be Defective?

A roof can be defective in at least three ways:

  • The roof can have a defective design;
  • The roof can be defectively produced; or
  • The roof can be defectively installed.

What are the Risks of a Roof Crush?

Roof crush can greatly increase the chances of serious injury or death during an auto accident. The car will typically be flipped over, so as the roof crushes in, the vehicle’s occupants will also be moved toward the roof by gravity.

This adds to the force of an already serious threat from the roof crushing inward towards the head/neck areas of the vehicle occupants.

Head and neck injuries are particularly likely in roof crush, and, if severe, can result in paralysis or death. As mentioned above, roof crush can also make ejection of occupants from the vehicle more likely.

I Have Been in an Auto Accident with Roof Crush Involved. Should I Contact an Attorney?

If you have sustained injuries due to a roof crush and you believe the roof was defective, you may have an automotive products liability claim against the manufacturer.  A local personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have a claim and help you get the results you want.