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Automobile Mechanic Liability

When you leave your car with a mechanic for repair or service, you have a bailment relationship with the mechanic. As a result, has several legal duties. Specifically, the mechanic must:

When Is the Mechanic Liable for Damages Resulting from Faulty Service?

A mechanic is liable for damages if you suffer damages as a result of negligent repairs. For example, if the mechanic uses the wrong parts or misplaces a part, and then your engine explodes when you start the car, the mechanic is liable. It does not matter if you already paid the bill and find out about a problem later. The mechanic is still liable.

However, if the mechanic offers to correct his negligent repairs at no cost, and you choose not to, you cannot claim that he caused you damage because you failed to have the problem fixed.  Also, you cannot cause the damage through your own negligence or assumption of risk.

What about the Contents of My Car?

A mechanic is only responsible for the safekeeping of items inside your car if he knows they are inside. Otherwise, the mechanic is not liable if they are damaged or stolen.

What If My Car Is Stolen from the Repair Shop?

In general, the mechanic is not responsible for the theft of your car from his repair shop unless his negligence caused the theft. The mechanic has to do or forget to do something that leads to your car being stolen. For example, if the mechanic leaves the keys in your unlocked car and parks it on the street, he is responsible if someone steals it.  

What about Disclaimers?

Mechanics will often try to disclaim their liability by posting signs or including disclaimers on contracts. These disclaimers are ineffective if you do not agree to the terms or were never made aware of such terms. Additionally, a mechanic cannot disclaim his negligence or that of his employees.  For example, the mechanic would be liable for damages if an employee negligently starts a fire in the repair shop that destroys your car.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

If your car has been damaged by a mechanic or improperly repaired, you should contact a lawyer to understand your rights and to learn if you may have any legal remedies available to you.

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