How to Transfer a Car Title

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How to Transfer a Car Title

To transfer a car title is to give ownership of the vehicle to another person or business. If a driver purchases a new car, the automobile dealership and lender will do the work of transferring the title. You will only get title to the new car after you have finished paying for the car in full. Buying a used car requires a trip to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

What Documents Do I Need for the DMV?    

The documents that you need to provide to the DMV vary by state. In general, the necessary documents include:

What Is the Process at the DMV?

The DMV requires the new owner to provide a completely filled-out title transfer application. This application is needed to record and reissue the title in the new owner’s name. The DMV may need the lien holder’s name and address. This is only if the lien holder still has title to the vehicle.

The driver must pay an application fee. The fee may be $20 or higher.

What If I Am Buying a Car From Another State?

If you are buying a car from a different state, you should check with that state’s DMV to find out if the process varies from the process in your state.

What If the Previous Owner Does Not Have Title to the Car?

A bonded title, or Certificate of Title Surety, is a title document proving a person has ownership of the vehicle. Sometimes, it can be used in place of the traditional vehicle title to register the vehicle.

Do I Need an Attorney to Transfer a Car Title?

Transferring a car title can be a complicated issues. The car title transfer process varies from state to state. Other complications involve car title disputes and the driver moving to another state. You should contact a business attorney if you have any questions about the process of buying or selling a car, or if you run into any problems while trying to buy or sell a car.

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