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While you may not think that a seatback can be dangerous in an automobile accident, malfunctions can cause serious injuries.  Seatback failure occurs when a seatback collapse in a rearward direction.  This can be very dangerous in an auto accident as it can increase the chance of being thrown from the car.   

How Does Seatback Failure Increase the Odds of Being Thrown from the Car?

When the seatback fails, it falls back toward the rear of the car.  In this position, it can act as a ramp that allows a passenger to fly out of the back window or an open back door.  Even if a passenger is not thrown from the car, it is possible for the passenger to be thrown within the car which also can cause serious injury. 

Why do Seatbacks Fail?

When seatbacks fail it is usually due to design, production, or installation defects on the manufacturer's part.  For example, seatback failure is often due to the use of weak or flimsy materials in the seatback.  Strong materials will prevent a seatback from collapsing backwards in the event of an accident.  If your seatback fails, you may have an automotive products liability case against the manufacturer. 

If my Seatback Has Failed, Should I Consult a Lawyer?

Anytime you are involved in an auto accident, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  If your seatback has failed and you've sustained an injury as a result of its failure, you may have an automotive products liability claim.  An experienced products liability lawyer can advise you of your rights and the available remedies. 

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