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What is a Birth Control Injury?

Birth control is a substance, device, or product used to prevent conception and pregnancy. Birth control typically regulates a female’s reproduction hormones. A birth control injuries varies from the type of contraception or treatment method used to prevent pregnancy. 

What is an Example of a Birth Control Product Defect?

In 2011, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recalled its packages of birth control pills because of an alleged defect. The defect was an error in packaging. The placebo pills were supposed to be taken the week of menstruation, but they were placed in the package during the wrong week. 

How Did a Birth Control Error Occur?

Approximately 113 women became pregnant while taking the Qualitest birth control pills. The women in a class action lawsuit alleged that the pregnancies were unwanted. The women in the class action lawsuit sought damages related to the birth control injury. 

What Type of Damages are The Women Seeking in Their Qualitest Class Action Lawsuit?

The lawsuit seeks millions of dollars in damages relating to: 

How are Medical Expenses Proven?

In any personal injury case, a medical expert is needed to document and calculate the total costs of any medical damages

Should I Talk to a Lawyer If I Had a Birth Control Injury?

Yes, talk to a personal injury lawyer if you suffered a birth control related injury. The lawyer will explain more about your rights and legal options to resolve the issue.

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