Childbirth malpractice is when negligence occurred at the delivery of a child during birth. They tend to involve some type of physical injury. But they can also involve other types of legal issues. In a childbirth malpractice case, various parties can be liable depending on the circumstances. These include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Hospital administrative staff
  • Insurance and policy adjusters
  • Other parties

What are some Examples of Childbirth Malpractice?

Childbirth malpractice tends to involves injury to either the mother or the newborn child/children. These include:

  • Cesarean surgery issues
  • Issues related to birth injuries
  • Administration of drugs and medications
  • Negligence in handling the child
  • Wrong identification of an infant/switching an infant
  • Various other types of hospital errors

Childbirth malpractice can also include non-injury issues. Like negligence in connection with payments, issues of fraud, or insurance-related legal claims.

How are Childbirth Malpractice Cases Resolved?

Most childbirth malpractice cases resolve with a damages award issued to the victim. This is usually the case for most injury-based claims. The damages may cover hospital expenses, pain and suffering, and various other factors. In some cases, the malpractice case can have effects on the liable party. The doctor or surgeon may have their medical license revoked or suspended. The hospital may need to change their policies and practices related to childbirth.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Childbirth malpractice is a serious issue and can result in severe injuries and other legal issues. These can have long-term effects on the child that carry on into adulthood. So these claims can often involve significant damages awards and other legal remedies. You may need to consult a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need help with a childbirth malpractice claim.