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 Botched Facelift

A rhytidectomy, or facelift, is a plastic surgery procedure intended to give an individual a more youthful appearance. The surgical procedure is done by removing the visible fine lines, creases, and sagging in the face and neck.

A botched facelift is a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong. Instead of giving the individual a more youthful appearance, the procedure causes injuries.

A botched facelift may cause:

  • Nerve damage
  • Asymmetrical results
  • Disfigurement
  • Post-operative infection
  • Disability
  • Death

In certain instances, a botched plastic surgery can become plastic surgery malpractice.

Was My Botched Rhytidectomy Malpractice?

Whether a botched facelift is plastic surgery malpractice depends on the following elements needed to prove a lawsuit:

  • The surgeon owed the individual a duty of medical standard of care
  • A breach of the medical standard of care
  • Surgeon’s actions led to the patient’s injuries
  • The patient was actually injured
  • The patient’s injuries require compensation

A surgeon owes a patient standard of care before, during and after a facelift surgery. This duty is not to negligently cause harm to the individual. Duty of medical standard of care is based on the doctor-client relationship. In other words, once an individual hires a surgeon to perform the facelift, it constitutes a doctor-client relationship.

When the surgeon breaches the standard of care, he is one step closer to committing medical malpractice. The breach is proven through expert testimony from a surgeon. The expert has the same or similar knowledge, skill or medical background of the defendant.

Sometimes, a person can be injured before the surgery is even performed. The next step is proving the individual was actually injured by the surgeon.

Some injuries do not require compensation. So it must be proven the individual suffered pain and suffer or had to pay related medical bills.

Should I Consult an Attorney about My Botched Facelift?

Some health risks exist with any type of plastic surgery, including facelifts. If your facelift surgery went wrong, you may have sustained injuries. You want to discuss your injuries with a personal injury attorney. An attorney will instruct you on how to proceed with a possible medical malpractice claim.

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