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Foot Surgery Attorneys

A foot injury can be the result of a fall, overuse, medical condition, or accident. Depending on how severe the injury or condition is, a foot injury or condition can be completely debilitating. Regardless of the cause of the foot condition or injury, foot surgery may be required.

What Is Foot Surgery?

Foot surgery, also called podiatric surgery, is a type of medical procedure performed on a person’s foot. When a foot condition does not respond to traditional medical treatment, a podiatrist may determine surgery is needed.

Why Is Foot Surgery Performed?

Foot surgery is conducted to alleviate pain or restore some or all function in a person’s foot.

Are There Different Types of Foot Surgery?

There are several different types of podiatric surgery that can be performed. The type of foot surgery performed depends on the specific medical condition or injury that it is meant to correct. The most common foot surgeries are:

Can Medical Malpractice Happen during a Foot Surgery?

Absolutely. Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury claim allowing a patient to sue their surgeon for the surgeon’s negligence during the surgery. The negligence causes an additional injury to the patient’s foot.

What Is Podiatric Surgery Malpractice?

Podiatric surgery malpractice is surgical malpractice that occurs during foot surgery. The common types of podiatric surgery malpractice are:

How Can I Prove Medical Malpractice Happened in My Foot Surgery?

In order to prove that the surgeon is liable for medical malpractice, the patient suing a foot surgeon must show:

Should I Contact an Attorney about My Surgical Injury?

Yes. Surgical errors can be the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact a personal injury attorney for help with your potential claim.

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