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Back Surgery Lawyers

Back surgery is an operation to change a patient’s anatomy, such as removing a herniated disc or straightening the spine. The goal of back surgery is to relieve pain a patient experiences in their back because of a birth defect or injury. The surgery is an option for a patient who continues to experience pain after several months of undergoing non-surgical treatment options. However, the surgery is never done to look for possible causes of back pain, as such surgery would likely be deemed unnecessary surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Undergoing Back Surgery?

Of course, the main reason for undergoing this type of surgery is to eliminate or decrease pain. The surgery also has other benefits, such as:

Are There Any Risks Associated with Back Surgery?

Yes. Like any surgery, back surgery does have risks, including:

Can Medical Malpractice Occur during Back Surgery?

Yes. Medical malpractice can happen during back surgery if the surgeon is negligent while performing the surgery. Negligence in the context of medical malpractice refers to the surgeon performing the procedure a way that is inconsistent with the standard of medical care required by law and the medical community. The substandard medical care harms the patient instead of helping them. This type of medical negligence includes:

What Will I Need to Prove to Win a Medical Malpractice Claim?

A plaintiff suing for medical malpractice for a botched back surgery must prove:

Should I Contact an Attorney about Back Surgery Malpractice?

Back surgery should improve your back and your life. If that is not the case because your surgeon was negligent during your surgery, then you should be compensated for it. You absolutely should contact a personal injury attorney if you were injured as a result of back surgery.

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