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What Is Part-time Work?

According to some studies, 18 percent of the American workforce does not work the traditional Monday-Friday work week with a 9-5 workday. This abnormal work schedule may give workers more flexibility in their workweeks and make them more satisfied with their jobs. Such a work schedule is often typical for part-time workers, since most states define a part-time worker as one who works less than 40 hours per week.

Are There Drawbacks to Being a Part-Time Worker?

There are certain economic disadvantages to part-time work. If you are thinking of going part-time, you should weigh the costs and benefits of doing so. For example:

What Obligations and Rights Do I Have as a Part-time Employee?

Generally, employees must still comply with the same company rules, policies, and procedures as full-time employees. Most part-time workers are not entitled to company benefits (i.e. extended vacations, pension and profit-sharing plans, health insurance). Sometimes, states will grant coverage to those who work more than a certain number of hours. Also, under federal law, employees who work 1,000 hours in a pension plan year must be included in pension plans that are offered to other similar workers. Other things to remember include:

Do I Need an Experienced Employment Law Attorney?

As a worker, it is up to you to decide whether the benefits of taking a part-time position outweigh the costs. An employment lawyer would be able to inform you of your rights as a part-time worker, but ultimately the choice to become one is up to you.

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