Office Sharing Agreements

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Office Sharing Agreements

When business owners share office space with other businesses, it is important to have an office share agreement and to have it writing.

What Is an Office Sharing Agreement?

An office sharing agreement is an agreement between the tenants of the office space. It should include the terms of the office sharing arrangements such as rent and duration.

Additionally, this agreement assumes that all tenants are the master tenants, making them joint and severally liable for one another, and that the landlord agreed to this arrangement. If the landlord does not allow all tenants to be the master tenant, then the office sharing agreement should include an additional provision to bind the non-master tenants to the commercial lease terms.

What Should the Office Sharing Agreement Include?

An office sharing agreement may be drafted any way you want. Especially in business situations, a personalized agreement may be important and may best meet your needs. Generally, an office sharing agreements should include:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Although you may attempt to draft an agreement without a real estate lawyer, you agreement may contain errors that cannot be corrected later and make you legally bound by it. A real estate lawyer is well versed in the law, and can draft a contract that best match your needs and concerns. Over all, a lawyer-drafted contract will save you the expense of future lawsuits.

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