Landlord Liability for Criminal Acts

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Are Landlords Liable for Criminal Attacks on Tenants?

In most cases, landlords will not be held liable for attacks by third-parties on their tenants. However, there are some exceptions. A landlord may still be liable for the criminal acts if:

What Can Landlords Do to Prevent Liability?

To avoid liability, landlords should do their best to reduce the likelihood of criminal acts on their premises by taking reasonable safety measures. These measures can include:

Are Landlords Liable for Attacks by Tenants' Dogs?

Although dog attacks may qualify as a crime, the landlord's liability for an attack by a tenants dog will only occur based on some act of negligence by the landlord, such as allowing another tenant's dog into someone's apartment or allowing a tenant to keep a dog known to be vicious. 

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The laws of landlord liability differ from state to state and are rather complex. An experienced real estate attorney can help you understand the law and determine your duties as a landlord, or your rights as a tenant. In the event of a lawsuit, an attorney can also represent you in court.

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