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What Is Landlord Retaliation?

Retaliation by a landlord occurs when a tenant seeking improved housing conditions through enforcement of housing codes, withholding of rent, or some other court action, is treated unfairly by their landlord as a direct result of the tenant's actions. Naturally, retaliatory acts are motivated by a desire for retaliation, and examples include:

Many tenants are unwilling to take advantage of rent withholding options or to file a complaint against their landlord because they are afraid of landlord retaliation, specifically of being evicted. But the reality is, you as a tenant have protected rights and it is unlawful for your landlord to retaliate as a result of you asserting or attempting to assert any of these right. Examples of tenant rights include:

What Are Some Examples of State Retaliation Laws?

The laws regarding landlord retaliation vary from state to state. For example:

Should I Speak with an Attorney If My Landlord Retaliates?

If you think that your landlord is retaliating against you as a result of asserting your legal rights as a tenant, you should contact an experienced real estate lawyer to discuss your situation. It is also a good idea to document everything. Make sure that you keep a record of everything that is going on, including the dates of each event to present to your attorney.  

If you have filed a complaint with your building inspector, Consumer Protection, or any other agency, you should also request a copy of the report. Depending on your jurisdiction, some courts may even require that your landlord pay for resulting damages as well as court costs and attorney fees. Remember, the law is there to protect you from landlord retaliation.

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