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How Is Sexual Assault Defined in Nevada?

Sexual assault is defined in Nevada as touching or penetration of a sexual nature that is done by force, threat of force, or violence without consent of the victim, who may be another human or an animal. The victim may suffer serious bodily harm before, during, or after the sexual assault in connection with the assault. If the victim does suffer from serious bodily harm, then the defendant faces a harsher punishment.

What Is the Penalty of Sexual Assault in Nevada?

Nevada has different penalties for sexual assault that depend on the victim’s age and if there was any serious bodily harm caused to the victim. If there was no serious bodily harm inflicted upon the victim, the criminal penalty for sexual assault is:

What Is Serious Bodily Harm?

Serious bodily harm is any physical injury that results from the intentional or unintentional neglect or conduct of a person committing a crime such as sexual assault. The harm seriously interferes with a victim’s comfort or health. The harm is also permanent or long-lasting rather than temporary.

What Are Some Examples of Serious Bodily Harm That Can Occur?

The type of serious bodily harm that may occur during a sexual assault includes:

What Is the Penalty If a Victim Suffered Serious Bodily Harm?

The penalty for committing sexual assault where the victim suffered serious bodily harm is:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Sexual assault is a serious crime that carries a substantial penalty, especially if the victim suffers serious bodily harm as a result. Contact a Nevada lawyer immediately if you are accused of sexual assault in Nevada.

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