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What are "Indecent Liberties"?

Indecent assault occurs when a person takes sexual liberties, or unwanted sexual contact, with another person. Indecent assault includes acts like rubbing or groping a person for sexual gratification. Washington State has a similar law regarding indecent assault, and it’s called indecent liberties.

What are “Indecent Liberties”?

Indecent liberties are when a defendant allegedly forced non-consensual sexual contact with another person. 

What Do Prosecutors Need to Prove to Convict Me of Indecent Liberties?

Prosecutors have to prove the defendant knowingly caused another individual to have unwanted sexual contact with them or a third party. 

How Can Prosecutors Prove I Knowingly Made Another Person Have Unwanted Sexual Contact?

Prosecutors has to prove the defendant: 

What is the Punishment for an Indecent Liberties Conviction?

Indecent liberty is charged as a class A felony or class B felony, but the exact charge depends on the factors of the case. If the defendant forced sexual contact on the victim, then it is a charged as a class A felony that punishable by life in prison and/or a fine of up to $50,000. Otherwise it is charged as a class B felony, which is punishable by 10 years in prison and/or fine of up to $20,000. 

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