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What Is Grand Larceny in Nevada?

A person commits grand larceny in Nevada when they intentionally:

Property worth $650 or more that belongs to another person.

What Is Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle in Nevada?

Grand larceny of a motor vehicle is the term used in Nevada for car theft or grand theft auto. The crime is defined as intentionally stealing a motor vehicle owned by another individual. Stealing means to take the vehicle away from the owner’s possession. To take the vehicle away refers to the act of driving the vehicle away or otherwise removing it from the place the owner left it.

Are Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle and Carjacking Similar Crimes in Nevada?

No. Carjacking is a more serious crime than grand larceny of a motor vehicle. That crime involves attempting to take a motor vehicle by violence, threat, or force.

What Is the Punishment for Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle in Nevada?

The criminal punishment depends on the value of the motor vehicle stolen. If the vehicle’s value was less than $3,500, then the person faces a Category C felony punishable by:

However, if the vehicle’s value is more than $3,500, then the crime is a Category B felony. A person convicted of a Category B felony faces:

Can a Lawyer Help Me with My Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle Case in Nevada?

An attorney can provide you with assistance in defending yourself against a grand larceny of a motor vehicle charge. Contact a Nevada lawyer immediately to determine how to proceed with your case. 

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