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What Is a Stolen Identity?

A stolen identity occurs when one person unlawful obtains the personal information of another. They then use the information to access bank accounts, use credit cards, sign documents on the person’s behalf, collect money, or other transactions without the person’s consent.

This type of crime is also known as identity theft. It has become a major issue as more personal information gets stored in computers and online. In some cases, the thief may actually pose as the victim, especially if they have obtained the victim's identification cards. Some cases of stolen identity are more common for some groups, such as elderly identity theft or child identity theft.

How Is an Identity Stolen?

An identity can be stolen through many different means. Most of them involve the thief obtaining personal information through means such as fraud, misrepresentation, theft, and robbery by force. Some information can be obtained through more unconventional methods such as dumpster diving or computer hacking.

Documents that are often targeted for identity theft include:

Thus, a case of a stolen identity can often create significant losses for the victim. They may have some of their monetary accounts hacked and stolen, and may lose some of their assets. Victims will also have to address the stolen documents and information by replacing them, notifying credit agencies, changing passwords, and taking other measures to replace everything that was stolen or compromised.

Can I Sue Someone for Identity Theft?

Suing for identity theft may require consulting with a lawyer and/or several different types of experts. One of the main difficulties with identity theft is in locating and apprehending the thief. In some cases, it can be tough to trace exactly how a document or password was stolen, especially if the theft was accomplished through electronic means. However, it is still possible to identity virtual thieves. For instance, it may be possible to trace when and where a stolen credit card is used without authorization. This can help lead authorities to a possible suspect.

If a person is caught stealing someone’s identity, they can face serious criminal fines and jail or prison time. They may also be subject to a civil lawsuit, in which they will have to pay the victim for losses caused by the identity theft. This can sometimes be a large amount and may involve multiple victims.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Stolen Identity Case?

Identity theft can often cause many major problems for the victim. You may wish to hire a criminal lawyer if you need any legal advice or representation regarding a stolen identity. Your attorney can provide you with information to help determine what your rights are under the laws of your state. Also, if you need to appear in court for trial, your lawyer can provide you with legal representation during those critical times.

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