Food quality lawsuits are a type of personal injury claim involving injuries due to contaminated or unsafe food products.  They typically cover claims that are filed against restaurants, food distribution companies, grocery stores, and other food vendors.  In most cases, the lawsuit is filed because one or more persons were affected by food poisoning or some other food-borne illness. 

In order to prevent such injuries, states enforce strict regulations when it comes to the handling of food.  Different food quality standards are applied depending on the type of food involved.  For instance, sensitive foods such as raw meat, and dairy products generally require extra handling measures.

What are Some Common Violations in a Food Quality Lawsuit?

Food quality standards are enforced for the entire process of food distribution.  At every stage, certain quality standards need to be followed.  For example, some violations of food quality standards may involve:

  • Improper handling of foods
  • Shipping and transportation errors (such as a failure to refrigerate certain goods)
  • Failures involving food preparation (such as hand washing violations)
  • Undercooking food
  • Serving food of a poor quality or food that is contaminated

Also, mislabeling food can often be a source of violations.  For instance, labeling meat as “Grade A” when it is really of a lower quality can also lead to a food quality lawsuit. 

Which Legal Remedies Are Available in a Food Quality Lawsuit?

If an injury is traceable to a food quality violation, the liable party may be required to pay a monetary damages award.  Also, the company will likely be required to change their food quality practices so that they can avoid violations in the future.

Also, you should note that many food quality lawsuits end up being filed as class action lawsuits.  This is because there’s a potential risk that large portions of the consumer population can be affected by food contamination.  Class action lawsuits can sometimes result in great losses for the company, especially where the violation causes serious, widespread injury.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Food Quality Lawsuits?

Food quality legal issues can present many challenges for both consumers as well as businesses.  If you need assistance with filing a food quality lawsuit, you may need to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer near you.  Your attorney can research the various laws that might apply to your case, so that you can obtain an appropriate legal remedy for your losses.  Also, you may need a lawyer in case you need representation during court hearings.