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MP3s and Copyright Infringement Lawyers

With the outburst of computer technology, computer users have found ways to compress and transform music media into small, transferable digital computer files called MP3s. However, when these files are made available online for copying and distribution, the copyrights protecting those works are often violated.

How Do Copyright Laws Apply to MP3's?

Copyright laws protect musical works, such as those found on audio compact discs (CD's), from being reproduced and distributed without the copyright owner's permission. In the context of MP3's these works of authorship most often include:

A computer user violates a copyright if he:

MP3s have been deemed reproductions of copyrighted work and are violations of a copyright unless their use is fair use. Distributing MP3s also violates a copyright.

What Are the Different Kinds of Infringement?

Should I Consult a Lawyer about My Copyright Issue?

If you are accused of copyright infringement, an intellectual property lawyer can discuss any defenses you may have available to you. If you wish to protect your work, an intellectual property lawyer can participate in on-going research to make certain no one else is using your copyright without your permission.

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