In recent years, the Internet has provided individuals with a global market from which they may conduct business. Many individuals chose to use the Internet to buy and sell tickets for movies, sporting events, and concerts. However, just because the tickets are sold online rather than on the street just outside of the event doesn’t mean that buyers and sellers will overcome state scalping laws. The reality is online ticket sales are still subject to the same laws as tickets sold on the street.

Can I Buy Tickets Online Legally?

Yes. You can still buy event tickets online as long as you are in compliance with state law. However, if the person you are buying the tickets from or the location of the event is in a different state, you may also be subject to the laws and penalties of that state.  Do not assume that purchasing a ticket from an online auction site is legal.  Some online auction sites attempt to prevent unlawful ticket scalping by removing offers that violate state scalping laws, or by reporting illegal transactions to the proper authorities.  

Can I Sell Tickets Online Legally?

Yes. You can sell event tickets online as long as you are in compliance with state law. Similar to a prospective buyer, you should be aware that you may be subject to the laws of the state in which the purchaser(s) and event(s) are located, if they differ from your state. This means paying close attention to the location of any prospect buyers and of the event itself, so that you can be assured of total compliance. Be careful, what might be perfectly legal in your state, might not be in another state. Remember, ignorance of the law is never a defense.

How can I Protect Myself from State Scalping Laws?

Before purchasing or selling tickets on the internet, you should become familiar with the applicable state laws. To do this, you may want to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can tell you what the law requires and how you may scalp tickets legally online. If you have already been accused of ticket scalping, an experience attorney can advise you of your legal rights and available defenses.